Dress Code

Girls Ballet Attire

  • All levels must wear pink tights with feet and pink ballet shoes.
  • All girls level Pre-Ballet through Ballet 5 wear Mirella Camisole Leotard #M201L or M207L (Adult) OR M201C or M207C (Child).
  • All girls Ballet 3 through 6 may wear optional short Georgette chiffon skirt – Mirella #S12

Dress Code Colors

  • Pre-Ballet & Kinder Ballet: Pale Pink leotard, no skirts
  • Ballet 1: White leotard, no skirts
  • Ballet 2: Buttercup leotard, no skirts
  • Ballet 3: Seafoam leotard, optional seafoam skirt
  • Ballet 4: Light blue leotard, optional light blue skirt
  • Ballet 5: Navy leotard, optional navy skirt
  • Ballet 6: Black leotard (dancer’s choice), optional short black skirt

Adult Open Classes Attire

  • Ballet shoes and choice of apparel.


  • Hair must be pulled back off face and tightly secured.
  • No jewelry.
  • Pink leg warmers, ballet sweaters and City Ballet jackets may be worn at the barre when necessary.
  • No T-shirts, shorts or baggy outer garments.

Boys Ballet Attire

  • All boys wear black tights, white t-shirts, white socks and white ballet shoes.