The Dark Room Series

This is an ongoing project by Resident Choreographer Geoff Gonzalez which began when the pandemic began. Dancers want to dance and Geoff has created a new way to have a number of dancers dance together safely during a pandemic. Dancers are filmed individually and then through creative film editing they are together – dancing in ways that seem humanly impossible. You, the audience, are taken on a journey that would be impossible in a theater. A new installment is occasionally released throughout the season.

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Installment #1
May 26, 2020

The premier installment in The Dark Room Series.

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Artistic Staff

Choreography: Geoff Gonzalez
Video: Jaroslav Richters
Lighting: Pam Keel


Ariana Gonzalez, Megan Jacobs, Lucas Ataide, Chelsea Kuhn, Emily Elwell, Anna Barnes, Nera Holland, Jaroslav Richters


Beethoven String Quartet No.14 C-Sharp Minor, Op.131
Beethoven Piano Sonata No.14 C-Sharp Minor, Op.27, No.2
Chopin Prélude in E-Minor Op.28, No.4
Schubert “Ellens Gesang III”, D. 839, Op. 52, No. 6, 1825

Event Horizon

Installment #2
July 16, 2020

Resident Choreographer Geoff Gonzalez pushes the boundaries of cinematic dance cinematography in this new release. Event Horizon takes its audience on a journey to the next frontier, while reflecting upon these abnormal times and the unknown future.

Artistic Staff

Director/Choreographer: Geoff Gonzalez
Videography/Photography: Jaroslav Richters
Costumes: Karin Yamada
Lighting: Pam Keel, Gabe Easterling, Michelle Miles


Paul and Lauren Scott,
Bob and Janelle Orsi,
Rebeca Gonzalez


Ariana Gonzalez, Megan Jacobs, Lucas Ataide, Brian Heil, Jaroslav Richters, Athena Nikolakopulos


Horton Grand courtesy of San Diego Musical Theater

All filming and rehearsals for The Dark Room Series were conducted in compliance with San Diego County and the State of California’s social distancing guidelines and regulations. Each individual was filmed separately, with six feet of social distancing enforced, and/or filtered helmets were utilized. Editing tools allowed our artists to be able to dance “together” once again.