Athena leaping mid street

In July, City Ballet returned to the live stage with two sold-out performances of ON THE MOVE. For one night only, City Ballet reprises these two world-premiere ballets by Resident Choreographer Geoff Gonzalez at the Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center in La Jolla.


Tickets on sale now!

Saturday, Oct 23rd, 2021


Center Orchestra: $59
Center Terrace: $59
Side Orchestra: $39
Side Terrace: $39


Baker-Baum Concert Hall at The Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center
7600 Fay Ave, La Jolla

Convenient Parking

909 Kline Street (344 ft from The Conrad)
7825 Fay Avenue (1000 ft from The Conrad)
7856 Fay Avenue (1300 ft from The Conrad)
888 Prospect Street, entrance on Jenner Street near Grand Colonial (1500 ft from The Conrad)



A testament to the resiliency of humankind.

Just as a pane of glass shatters under stress that exceeds the limit it can withhold – many of us have broken down by the stress of this past year. These remaining pieces, created by burdens too weighty to withstand, now reconfigure with newfound potential. We are the glass, broken but stronger now, like a mosaic amalgamating piece by broken piece, creating something altogether renewed – something more beautiful than before.

Within The Hourglass Desert

A piece highlighting the finite beauty of time.

Inspired by poetry, each dancer embodies a grain of sand. Just as a singular piece of whittled down rock trickles its way through an hourglass, time can either feel expansive or cut too short. While a child looks towards the future and wishes it to move faster, an older soul looks back and yearns for it to slow down. Dancers themselves view it as a small window they have been gifted to move and create. We all share this one finite thing – time and the power we have to choose what we do with it.

Clare de Lune

The third and most famous movement of Claude Debussy’s Suite bergamasque is Clair de lune. This ballet reflects Debussy’s use of harmony and texture in a way that recalls the light and color of French Impressionist painting.